Passionate about Advocating for your Right to a Win

At Kent | Pincin, we offer relationship-driven legal advice designed to give you educated assistance, support, and peace of mind.

Passionate about Advocating for your Right to a Win

At Kent | Pincin, we offer relationship-driven legal advice designed to give you educated assistance, support, and peace of mind.

Legal Services Offering a Clear and Concise Vision for Victims to Achieve Success

At Kent | Pincin, we believe your success in your case and the courtroom is built on a strong and secure foundation. That’s why we offer clients individualized support, tailored to your specific legal needs.

Kent | Pincin Settlements

Committed to Providing Straightforward and Transparent Support to Aid Your Trial Victory

We leverage and maximize the best methods available to increase your ability to succeed in your case with the least amount of risk. Our straight-talking approach means you can completely understand how your case is being managed.

Why Kent | Pincin?

At Kent | Pincin, we focus on a personalized approach to your litigation so you can minimize the stress of legal action.

As our client, you will never feel in the dark about the direction of your case. As your legal counsel, we promise to be your voice in the courtroom and all throughout your case.

We are passionate about giving our clients the best possible legal outcomes they can achieve in their case. Why? Because your success is our success.

Who We Serve

We know considering taking legal action against an individual, corporation, or employer, whatever the reason, can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Reduce your anxiety and improve your security regarding the complexities of the legal landscape.

Let us simplify the complex issues of your case for you and cut through the jargon.

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    Dedicated to giving you the voice you deserve in the workplace

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    Enabling you to stand up for what is right without fear of retribution

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    Wrongful Termination

    Helping you move on after being fired

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    Disability and Pregnancy Discrimination

    Committed to ensuring you are not treated unfairly because of your disability or pregnancy

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    Personal Injury

    Seek the compensation that is owed to you after an injury or accident

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    Giving you the confidence to fight against the fear of being true to who you are

Caring for our Clients

Shielding Victims of Sex and Gender Discrimination

No one deserves to feel uncomfortable, alienated, or alone in the workplace. Discrimination not only affects your livelihood but can also have lasting emotional and psychological effects. We pride ourselves on being skilled guides through the legal process. Let us help you obtain a fair resolution.

Safety and Security for Whistleblowers

Blowing the whistle on corporate or individual wrongdoing can often leave you exposed and vulnerable to employment termination, demotion, or other bad acts. Employers cannot retaliate against you for reporting illegal conduct. We can help fight back to right the wrong of retaliation.

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Legal Services Delivered with Trust and Integrity

Meet Our Attorneys

Michael J. Kent & Emily R. Pincin

Michael Kent was inspired to become an attorney by his passion for piecing together puzzles and information in his younger years. He loves nothing more than analyzing cases to piece together evidence and find out what a defendant is hiding, to obtain a positive outcome. Michael’s father, as well as his in-laws, are attorneys who have provided valuable mentorship and guidance relating to the civil justice system.

“I want to help people piece their lives back together and move forward. They deserve to be given a voice and feel protected whatever the circumstances.”

Emily Pincin was motivated to become an attorney by her affection for reading, writing, and understanding the intricacies of the law. Raised in a household with a court reporter mother, Emily familiarized herself with the justice system and became passionate about helping others through their most difficult times.

“Everything about what we do really comes down to helping the client feel that they can achieve a feeling of justification and peace. We are working to help them attain a sense of vindication.”

Emily and Michael

Providing Litigation Support across California

Kent | Pincin is a boutique firm with access to offices at several locations across the state of California, including in Redondo Beach, San Diego, Torrance, San Francisco and Downtown Los Angeles.

As a more intimately-sized firm, you can rest assured you will be working directly with either Michael Kent or Emily Pincin throughout the entire litigation process.

The Kent | Pincin philosophy is based on building a strong relationship with clients, so that you can feel confident and secure in our representation.

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