Kent | Pincin: Committed to Creating a Better Future for Our Clients

Kent | Pincin is founded on the values of commitment, compassion, honesty, and integrity.

As your personal litigation lawyers, if we believe in your cause and have no doubt you have been harmed personally or professionally, we will fight for your right to justice and compensation to the best of our ability.

And by advocating for the win you deserve, our goal is to have a positive impact on your livelihood and community, our goal is to have a positive impact on your community and society.

Advocating for Your Best Interests in the Courtroom

We take communicating on your behalf to fight your case in and out of the courtroom very seriously. Employment law and personal injury litigation can be nuanced and complex.

Our approach allows you to tell your story in detail, so we can empathize with your situation and get a 360-degree view of how best to advocate for your interests.

We dig into your case to discover the facts that may go uncovered by other firms which do not have the ability to give you personalized attention. Our specific approach enables us to uncover legal theories which can make the difference between failure and success when we litigate.

Making a Positive Impact on Your Life and Society

Kent | Pincin is proud to be co-founded by a woman, which is still, even today, unusual in litigation. We believe women have a right to feel equal and respected in the workplace.

“I am very proud we are, in part, a woman-owned business, which is unusual in the plaintiff's community. Given the fact that we represent employees in, discrimination and sexual harassment cases, I'm proud we are out there on the frontlines fighting for these individuals.”
- Lawyer Michael J. Kent

Our lawyers, Michael J. Kent, and Emily R. Pincin are fierce advocates of equal rights and making a positive impact through their work. That’s why they handpick each and every case they take on. They are passionate about fighting for you to get the result that will help you move on with your life in the best way possible.

“Some law firms may be a little jaded about the issues they are fighting for and don’t hear their client's needs. We're not just signing up hundreds of cases. We only sign up cases that we believe in, and want to fight for.”
- Lawyer Emily R. Pincin

Serving the State of California and Beyond

Kent | Pincin has access to offices across California, including in Redondo Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Torrance, and Downtown Los Angeles.

Michael J. Kent is also admitted to practice in the state of Wisconsin.

When you decide to take on Kent | Pincin as your legal representative, you can be confident that Michael or Emily will handle your litigation process personally.

Areas of Practice

Employment Law

Let us use our expertise and dedication to create a winning legal strategy tailored to the unique facts of your case.

We will pursue every legal avenue on your behalf and negotiate with your employer to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

Mass Action

We can get your voice heard in a mass action case as we fight for all those individuals affected.

We aim to seek maximum compensation for everyone involved and hold the responsible parties accountable so we can deliver results for the entire group.

Personal Injury

Let us fight to get you the compensation you deserve in your personal injury case so you can move on in the best way possible.

Using our knowledge and experience, we can handle the legal complexities and negotiations with insurers so you can reduce your stress and worry.