Pregnancy and Disability Discrimination Lawyers Who Are Your Trusted Advocates

Kent | Pincin understands the challenges you face dealing with workplace discrimination. Be it pregnancy or disability; we're here for you.

Michael and Emily are dedicated pregnancy and disability discrimination lawyers committed to providing you with legal representation, guidelines, and unwavering support throughout your journey and beyond. Our firm is here with you every step of the way.

Understanding Pregnancy Discrimination: Protecting Your Rights

When you are expecting a baby or have just had a child, you have every right to experience the joy of motherhood without worry or concern over your position or career. However, pregnancy discrimination is an unfortunate reality that affects a significant number of working women.

When dealing with pregnancy leave, employers must consider several laws, including California Pregnancy Leave, FMLA/CRFA, Reasonable Accommodations under FEHA, and potentially other Federal laws, including the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (PDA).

The PDA was enacted to safeguard the rights of pregnant individuals in the workplace by prohibiting unfair treatment from employers. Under this law, hiring, firing, promotions, job assignments, and other employment-related decisions must be based on skills and qualifications, not pregnancy status.

Additionally, the PDA states that employers provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees to ensure that their health and well-being are not jeopardized.

These accommodations can range from allowing frequent breaks and time off for medical appointments to adjustments to a member of staff's workload if they are expecting. It also states employees must ensure pregnant employees are not exposed to workplace hazards.

If you feel like your employer has treated you unfavorably due to pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions, there is a high likelihood that you have been a victim of discrimination. It's essential to recognize that this is a form of discrimination, and it is not only unfair but illegal.

You deserve to have protection and feel it’s completely ok to have a baby while still carrying on with your job while feeling safe in the knowledge your rights are safeguarded.

Your Trusted Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers  Helping You Navigating the Legal Landscape

If you have experienced discrimination during pregnancy, seeking legal representation from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can be critical. At Kent | Pinicn, we specialize in handling all aspects of pregnancy discrimination cases, with a proven track record of success.

Michael and Emily possess a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing pregnancy discrimination. They will meticulously analyze your case, sourcing evidence and devising a well-rounded legal strategy to ensure your rights are protected. With our expertise, we'll guide you through the complex legal process and fight tirelessly for the justice you deserve.

We Empower You to Understand Your Rights and Legal Options

Navigating pregnancy discrimination laws can feel overwhelming. That's why we're here: to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make informed decisions.

As experts in the field, we remain up-to-date with the latest developments in pregnancy discrimination laws and relevant statutes. We work closely with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to ensure your rights are protected, advocating for your best interests at every step. Whether you need assistance filing a complaint or navigating the process, you can rely on Kent|Pincin for guidance and support.


Real-Life Impact: Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination and Your Legal Rights

Pregnancy discrimination can manifest in various ways, making it crucial to understand the different forms it can take. Some examples of pregnancy discrimination include:

Denial of Employment Opportunities

You feel you missed out on a promotion or a job because you were pregnant or had just had a baby. Or you feel you have suffered unjust harm in some way.


You have lost your job without a valid reason or due process, causing financial and emotional distress.

Unfair Performance Evaluations

You have been the victim of a biased assessment that has undermined your abilities, which has led to a professional setback and potential discrimination.

Failure to Provide Reasonable Accommodations

You were not given the opportunity to accommodate your pregnancy or your childcare situation, which resulted in you losing your ability to perform job tasks and thrive in the workplace.

Harassment Based on Pregnancy

You feel you were the victim of unwelcome behavior, creating a hostile work environment that violated your rights.

If you have experienced any of these situations, you may have grounds for a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. Our skilled pregnancy discrimination lawyers will assess the merits of your case, review evidence, interview witnesses, and present a compelling argument to secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

Filing Your Pregnancy Discrimination Case: Get Your Voice Heard

Pregnancy often brings physical and medical challenges, and it is essential to understand your rights regarding disability and maternity leave.

Our pregnancy discrimination lawyers are also well-versed in the laws surrounding disability maternity leave, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and relevant state regulations.

We will ensure you receive the appropriate accommodations and leave necessary for your well-being and the well-being of your child.

If your employer has unlawfully denied you leave or subjected you to adverse employment actions due to your pregnancy, our skilled lawyers will fight diligently to hold them accountable.

Protecting Your Rights: Disability Discrimination and the Law

In the workplace, disabled employees face a multitude of challenges. Unfortunately, many people who have a disability can also experience discrimination - a form of prejudice that occurs when an employer mistreats a disabled worker due to their disability. This is an act prohibited by law.

Along with pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination is a growing concern that deserves attention and support to ensure equal opportunities for every employee.

At Kent | Pincin, we consider ourselves seasoned disability discrimination lawyers. We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge and legal representation necessary to defend your rights and seek justice in the workplace.

We recognize that navigating the legal system can be a daunting task, and dealing with a disability discrimination case can be complex. That's why we stay up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations that safeguard the rights of people with disabilities, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other pertinent statutes.

Our legal counsel not only provides you with personalized attention tailored to your individual circumstances, but we also work tirelessly to ensure that you are not subjected to unlawful employment practices.

Your Voice, Your Justice: Filing a Lawsuit for Disability Discrimination

Filing a lawsuit for disability discrimination is a critical step towards asserting your rights and seeking justice. If you believe you have experienced discrimination based on your disability in the workplace or any other setting, Michael and Emily are here to provide you with the necessary guidance and support.

At Kent | Pincin, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and the legal complexities involved in disability discrimination cases.

We are dedicated to fighting for your rights and ensuring that you receive the fair treatment and accommodations you deserve.

By meticulously analyzing your case, gathering evidence, and identifying any discrimination, we will guide you through the legal process with clear explanations of your rights and the potential legal strategies you can follow. Then, we will advocate passionately for your best interests.

Kent | Pincin also works on a no-win, no-fee basis, so you can rest assured that we will fight for the best possible outcome.

With our expertise in disability discrimination law, we can skillfully negotiate with employers and seek resolutions through mediation or alternative dispute resolution methods on your behalf. Our priority is to help you secure compensation for any damages you may have suffered, including lost wages, emotional distress, and other related losses.

We understand the emotional toll of disability discrimination, and we are proud of our track record in personalized attention, ensuring that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed.

Compassionate Legal Support: Your Journey Towards Justice

At Kent | Pincin, we understand the emotional toll pregnancy discrimination and disability can take on individuals and families. That's why we provide compassionate legal support throughout your journey.

We advocate on your behalf and take legal action against discriminatory employers if necessary - fighting for your right to equal employment opportunities and the dignity you deserve.

Are you ready to stand against pregnancy and disability discrimination and fight for your rights? Let us be your strong advocates, helping you navigate the legal system and working towards a fair resolution that upholds your dignity and protects your best interests.