Kent | Pincin: Committed to Fighting for Your Rights

At Kent | Pincin we are proud to have achieved settlements and results that make a difference to the lives of our clients.


Committed to Fighting for Your Rights

Our attorneys at Kent Pincin have worked on a variety of legal matters. Below are some results that they have helped achieve.

Each result is dependent on the facts, circumstances, and applicable laws that governed each case.

$5,000,000: Confidential Settlement - Sex Abuse

$2,000,000: Settlement - Semi v. Auto Accident

$1,650,000: Settlement - Workplace Retaliation for Reporting Illegal Conduct

$1,450,000: Settlement: Retaliation for Reporting Violations of Law

$1,430,000: Settlement: Premises Liability / Wrongful Death

$1,300,000: Wrongful Death Settlement - Plane crash resulting in multiple casualties

$950,000: Pre-Litigation Settlement - Workplace Racial Harassment and Discrimination

$924,000: Settlement - Workplace retaliation for reporting discrimination

$824,000: Jury Verdict - Workplace Retaliation

$750,000: Wrongful Death - Auto v. Semi. with significant comparative fault on the decedent

$400,000: Pre-Litigation Settlement - Workplace Gender Harassment

$310,000: Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate

$300,000: Pre-Lit. Settlement - Workplace Harassment based upon sexual orientation

$280,000 with Reinstatement of Position Title: Workplace Retaliation and Discrimination

$250,000: Workplace Retaliation

$225,000: Workplace Retaliation

$200,000: Workplace Discrimination and Retaliation

$185,000: Settlement - FINRA Arbitration for Retaliation

Ward v. Tilly's (2019) 31 Cal. App. 5th 1167: Appellate Court decision clarifying that certain "on-call" policies and procedures by employers qualified as "reporting to work" under the applicable wage orders