Safeguarding Your Rights in a Mass Action Lawsuit

You don’t need to go up against powerful corporations or entities alone in a mass action lawsuit. We can help you through the complexities of the case, file a mass tort on your behalf and ensure that your voice is heard among the many plaintiffs involved.

If you are asking, “What does a mass action lawyer do?” we advocate for your best interests and negotiate your compensation and trial when a single event has caused harm to many people.

Whether you're dealing with rebuilding your life following a wildfire caused by an electronic company, a defective product, or other harm, or any other legal issue which involves taking action with others against a company or individual, we will argue passionately on your behalf.

The Difference between Class Action and Mass Action Lawsuit

There is a difference between a class action and a mass action lawsuit. A mass action refers to a group of individuals bringing separate lawsuits against a common defendant, where the defendant's common act or failure to act caused has caused varying degrees of harm to the individuals. A class action involves one lawsuit on behalf of a larger group with common claims.

Kent | Pincin Law can assist you to get the best possible result by representing your specific needs in a number of mass and class action suits. We also aim to stop any antagonism you may face during the process so you can receive the compensation you are entitled to.


The impact of wildfires can leave families and communities in turmoil. As well as the devastation and destruction to the environment and the place to your lives and where you live, they may leave you homeless with everything you cherished destroyed. In the most traumatic circumstances, you may have lost loved ones.

Wildfire law can be complex and is often difficult to navigate. We will file a disaster tort on your behalf so you can have the best chance of rebuilding your life as best as possible.

Whether you have property damage or have experienced personal injury or loss, we'll work tirelessly to ensure you're fairly recompensed.

We are on your side and will use our in-depth expertise in wildfire litigation to get you a result that can help restore your life and move forward.

Mass Shootings

It seems that every time you turn on the news today, there is yet another mass shooting incident or a terrible story involving innocent people losing their life as a result of a gun shootout.

Mass shootings cause unimaginable pain and suffering not only to those who survive such a horrific experience but to the families of those who lose loved ones.

Mass shootings cause unimaginable pain and suffering not only to those who survive such a horrific experience but to the families of those who lose loved ones.

We want you to focus on healing as much as you can and get a degree of closure after going through such horrific trauma. Meanwhile, we can handle the catastrophic tort process and fight for you to get the compensation you need.

Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you may feel too frightened to speak out about your experience. It can be an upsetting and daunting prospect to revisit the trauma you went through, especially if it may involve talking about it in front of strangers.

Sexual assault can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. But it’s important to know you don't have to suffer alone.

In many instances, victims of sexual assault, while feeling isolated, are sadly one of many who have been through the same horrific experience.

A mass class action lawsuit may be the answer to getting the justice you deserve. When you join forces with other victims, you can feel stronger and more empowered to hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions. And you deserve to experience the freedom to move on from what you went through.

The perpetrators of sexual assault shouldn’t go unpunished. Let us help you take the first steps toward healing and justice.

Public Utility Disasters

Public utility disasters can cause chaos and devastation, affecting your entire community and leaving you without important services. Loss of power or water can result in your health deteriorating and loss of essentials in your home.

If you've been impacted by a public utility disaster, we can help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

Whether it's power outages, gas leaks, or other utility-related disasters, we're here to get your voice heard.

Examples of public disasters you may be able to take action on are:

Gas leaks or explosions caused by faulty pipelines or equipment

Water contamination due to negligent maintenance or outdated infrastructure

Power outages caused by inadequate maintenance or natural disasters

Public transportation accidents caused by negligence or faulty equipment

Telecommunication failures that result in loss of service or compromised data security