Kent | Pincin: We Value Our Clients

At Kent Pincin, we are thankful for our clients, their trust in us, and their kind words. Their opinions of us and how we helped them mean the world to us.


Thank you to our client’s who took their time to share


“Dedicated to Winning and Tireless in the Pursuit of Victory”

David worked with Kent Pincin to assist with his unlawful termination case against a previous employer.

He says: “No words can describe the admiration I have for Michael Kent. I had a serious injury that led to my termination from a company I loved working for.

“This led me down a path of depression that lasted years, not to mention the physical pain I was feeling. I felt like my life was over. Unable to walk, use the restroom, shower without assistance, eat, and all other activities that we engage in daily that we take for granted were taken from me. I felt so hopeless and helpless.

“I started to seek legal counsel because I believed in my heart that how I was treated was not ethical and consistent with the company’s normal business practices.

“I sought out four attorneys, three of whom refused to take my case because the potential payout would not be worth their time. I felt very low and did not understand no one wanted to help me.

“I decided to try one last time to find legal representation and somehow found Michael Kent. He took a chance to stand up for the little guy, and I will always be grateful for that.

“He worked with me as my lawyer to handle my case for four years, and he was able to settle the case for me. I deeply admire Michael's dedication, willingness to take on a challenging case, and ability to be a friend to his clients.

“Michael's dedication to his clients and willingness to go above and beyond to fight for their rights and interests has likely played out in his work with me as he worked tirelessly on my case. His friendly demeanor also likely helped to build a strong relationship with me.

“Michael truly cares about his clients. I am privileged to call him my friend. If you are looking for an attorney to be by your side every step of the way during your time of hardship, Michael Kent is your guy! Thank you, Michael, for all you have done for me.”


“Skilled and Caring Support”

Richard worked with Kent Pincin to assist with his retaliation case in violation of FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) for opposing gender discrimination. A verdict of $824,000 was obtained, which was settled for $924,000.

He says: Michael is a very skilled and caring lawyer. He gave me the support I needed and was always there to answer my questions. You can put your faith and trust in him.”


“Trusted Guidance”

Brian Murphy hired Kent Pincin to assist with his retaliation and whistle-blower employment law case.

He says: “For three years, Mike was intimately involved in my case. My employment situation developed over the course of eight months.

“I trusted Mike with guiding the path to settlement. He knew the facts of the case as well as I did, studied and learned the multiple events, and understood the relationship between players and their involvement.

“He prepped me for multiple depositions and assisted me through various responses to written questions from the defendant. A plan was developed for all stages of litigation, from initial depositions all the way through trial preparation. There were no surprises.”


“Excellent Representation and an
Effective Strategy”

Sunday worked with Kent Pincin on his retaliation case for reporting illegal conduct against the City of Compton.

He says: “Michael is a highly skilled professional attorney that has the knowledge, experience, and abilities to litigate your legal matters. He is transparent in communicating an effective strategy for any liability case for you.

“Michael is a very intelligent attorney, and he knows the law. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my result. It wouldn't have been possible without him on my side.”